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Control Your Viral Load with Safe and Natural Therapies of Ayurveda

It's disheartening but true that the conventional medical sciences do not have any substantial treatment for HIV. The currently available treatments merely subside the effects of HIV infection while creating room for multiple side-effects that further deteriorate the health of the patient.

The Ancient Medical Science of Ayurveda has natural solution to promote the health of the HIV positive patients.


The ingrained repositories of ancient medical knowledge in Ayurveda have documented herbs with potentials to curb the viral load in the patients and strengthen their immune system, thereby promoting the health of the patient.

What is HIV?

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that causes HIV infection.
  • HIV targets to invade the immune system of the host and deteriorate the health.
  • HIV invades and destroys certain white blood cells called CD4+ cells.
  • Reduced CD4+ cells reduce immunity.
  • Patient is subjected to varied infections.
  • Serious life-threatening conditions occur in patient, in some severe cases, carcinomas can occur.
  • Subsequent stage of HIV is Aquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

In modern sciences, there is currently no effective permanent treatment for HIV infection as yet. At present, generally HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral therapy) is recommended, which reduces the rate at which the virus multiplies, while ignoring the root cause (Oja Kshaya-weaken immunity) of the HIV. Moreover, it (HAART) is accompanied with multiple side-effects.

How is it transmitted ??

  • Unsafe Sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Sharing Needles
  • Blood Transfusion

Our Treatment Concept:


Our globally-renowned Ayurvedic expert Dr. Navdeep Sharma, has come up with the natural aid for the HIV positive patients which improves their overall health and energy levels, using immunomodulator herbs to enhance the immune system to a desired level with an additional advantage of zero side- effects.

According to Ayurveda, one cannot be harmed by a disease until his/her Agni (Inner fire) is disturbed or Ojas are weakened or the individual is living a Tamsik lifestyle. Ayurveda correlates the human immuno-deficiency with Kshaya or Ojakshaya which refers to the consumption and loss of vital energy i.e. our immunity. It is a Tridoshic or Sannipattika condition affecting the strength and ability of the immune system to perform its required functions, due to deficient life-sap (Ojas).

It is believed that a series of molecular movements inside our body result in this loss of Ojas, primarily caused by a dominant Kapha Dosha along with the other Doshas. Such molecular environments inside the body tend to block the natural path for the flow of Rasadi Dhatus (i.e. the essential nutrients) to their respective locations. This can cause deterioration of Sapta Dhatus (the seven body tissues) viz. Rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood cells), Mamsa (muscular tissue), Meda (adipose tissue), Asthi (bony tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and the Shukra (reproductive tissue) that all contribute in the weakening of the body’s immunity.

Ayurveda aims at strengthening the internal immunity of the HIV positive patients to curb the viral load, thereby restoring the normal lifestyle of the patients.


The combination of ‘Natural Herbal Ingredients’ works on a unique cell burst technology and has the following effects on the body:

Anti-Viral Effect

  • Natural Anti-virals ingredients.
  • Counters/Suppresses Viral Activity.
  • Counter/Suppress Viral Activity.
  • Promotes immunity.
  • It is safe & has no side-effects.

Immunomodulator effect

  • Escalates the immune response .
  • Stimulates antibody formation.
  • Enhances the activity of white blood cells (WBC).
  • Heals inflammations
  • Decreases activity of HIV virus.

Habitat Destruction Effect

  • HIV virus is heat labile.
  • Increase the Pitta (Micro cellular Heat)in Rakta Dhatu (blood).
  • Alteration of Cellular micro-niche.
  • Cells become unsuitable for virus.

HIV positive patients regularly consult world-renowned Ayurvedic healer Dr. Navdeep Sharma and he recommends the best and ideal Ayurvedic formulations so that patients can live normal lives. The immuno-modulator/anti-viral herbs assist in improving CD4+ counts from the very first week. These natural compounds, Rasayana, and Vajikarana also bring a marked reduction in the side-effects caused by ART/HAART.


Do light exercises which do not strain the fragile health of HIV patient.


Patients incapable of exercising or running due to weakness are recommended for steaming (Swedanam).

Healthy Diet

Patient should consume diet fortified with nutrients and easy to digest.

Stop sharing needles etc.

Remember sharing needles makes you vulnerable to HIV infection.

Practicing Safer Sex

Using a condom can protect your partner from your HIV infection.

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